27 September 2015

Exploded Danfoss temperature Controller

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ERC102D Danfoss temperature Controller Exploded Danfoss temperature Controller

Danfoss temperature controllers are some of the best electronic temperature controllers on the market and they are normally used in Staycold refrigerators. I recently had the the privilege to work on one of my clients Display refrigerator

It is unusual for the controller to explode like this but with current guys controlling of our power source in South Africa anything is possible. Sorry! I should not put all blame on these guys for everything that goes wrong.

Sometimes it is also a case that the refrigerator wasn't serviced regularly. If you look closely at the picture below you will see that some of the push-on connectors has turned brown in color.

Obviously the middle wires are the ones that carry the highest load/Amps and the more Amps flow the more electrical wires heat up.  Over time with expansion(heating) and contraction(cooling) of connectors and wires causes the whole connection to become loose. That is the time when the whole unit explode

If this refrigerator was serviced regularly the refrigerator technician would have seen that push-on connections was going bad because it has turned color and needs to be replaced.

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