23 July 2012

LG And Samsung makes laundry smarter

Between LG and Samsung doing laundry has become smarter and quicker.

The new Samsung WF457 has cut 15 minutes while LG has reduced their operating time with 20 Minutes.

LG WM8000 has combined the rinse and spin cycle making the cycle shorter and more energy efficient.

Samsung has introduced a system called SpeedSpray where the water and soap gets sprayed directly onto the laundry resulting in the chemicals working faster

The LG WM8000 is ideally for the larger family because it now has the largest drum capacity of all front loading washing machines.

Samsung washer has the VRT Vibration Reduction Technology which makes it ideally small homes or where noise can become a problem

Both the new LG WM8000 and Samsung WF457 are Wi-Fi enable which means the machines can be controlled from any smart phone.

Now if I can only figure out how to operate the i-phone laundry should be a breeze.

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