Monday, September 24, 2012

Dora Nqinza Hospital Decontaminates

Dora Nqinza Hopital has Decontaminated and Improved its air-movement in the new trauma section. They have pulled out all plugs to make air movement in  the trauma area clean and fresh.
Air supply room with exhaust on top

Blower motor in air supply room

Main Blower with triple belts

Inside Air movement room outside vents and old filters

Old dirty filters removed from Air Movement supply room
Dirty Filters at secondary section
Secondary Filter Section inside Roof

Air Movement Ducting with downers feeding in trauma area ceiling 

Service holes cut to service inside ducting

More air supply ducting in Dora Nqinza Hospital ceiling

Maize of ducting in the roof at Dora

Air extracting unit in the roof 

Big air extraction unit in ceiling to remove contaminated air



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