Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Microwave is Smoking

Microwave is Smoking - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
Smoking is Bad for your Health especially when its your Microwave is Smoking.

Andre from Cradock contracted me recently because he has installed a new Magnetron in his LG Microwave but it is still smoking when he switches it on.

There are a couple of reasons why you microwave are smoking
1.It could just be food that is logged somewhere inside the cabinet and is been overcook every time you switch on the Microwave oven on or
2. A loose terminal connection on your interlock switches
3. Transformer busy packing up,

Most of the times when you smell burning of plastic and see smoke it’s your High Voltage Transformer and for the sake of Andre’s dilemma I will only be chatting about the his high voltage Transformer.

High Voltage Transformer

The main reason for a transformer to start shorting out (smoking) is;
• Power surges (electronic rust)
• Old age (the transformer)
• Faulty High Voltage Capacitor

Once the High Voltage Capacitor goes faulty ir starts shorting out - causes extra strain on the transformer by drawing excessive current and the winding starts heating up and once the insulation around the wires start to melt is starts to smoke.
This little bugger is very devious because it gives the appearance that it is the transformer - shorting out. Also when you test the High Voltage Capacitor it check out fine but as soon as you turn your back it does the same again.
Just replace the High Voltage Capacitor and High Voltage Diott
If you catch this situation in time, then your Transformer should be fine but because we are not always turned into the negative side of our Appliances and we don’t always realize things are busy going wrong - until it is too late.

If you guys should need more information about you’re your Microwave is Smoking, Just click down here at the comment box and I will gladly help you out. Try to stop Smoking

PS; Photos supplied by Andre Swartz


  1. My Microwave oven got damaged due to the high voltage and it could not repair again.
    Good tips but how someone can know about the problems like a terminal is loose inside.appliance repair washington dc

  2. Just buy a new microwave.
    They are cheap enough.

    George Vreeland Hill

  3. Dear Sir,my microwave emitted heavy smoke after inspection by technician he told that transformer and capacitor spoiled he wanted to replace magneto as well which was replaced three months back but technician enable to specify reason for spoiled transformer Sir,we have shifted in new house.Please share any information/reason for the same .regards .Srin

  4. Step 1:
    Take in the back yard
    Step 2: Smash it with a sledge hammer.
    Step 3: Buy a new one.


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