Thursday, March 3, 2011

Washing Machine Problems in Port Elizabeth

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Just Dead

Possible Causes and solutions

• Power-switch not on – check breaker at DV-board (Main power board)
• Faulty plug – replace
Check above plug and switch by using an appliance that you know is working somewhere else in the house
• Door/lid not closed – Close properly

Washing Machine Walks (vibrates)

Possible causes and solutions

• Machine not level – adjust “feet”, see instruction booklet
• Washing Machine incorrectly loaded – rearrange washing inside machine
• Machine is under loaded – increase washing load
• Stabilizers are still attached to machine if it is a new machine – Just remove them

Washing Machine not taking in Water

Possible causes and solutions

• Water turned off – Check tap and other outlets in house
• Inlet-hose has a kinked in it – Check and straighten
• Filter between Washing machine and hose are blocked – Unscrew hose from Washing Machine and clean

Washing Machine is Noisy

Possible causes and solutions

• Coins or other solid item is been washed – Stop and remove object (always check water level before opening the door)
o Scratching noise while washing – inner drum assembly cracked

Noisy when Draining water – something lodge inside the Drain pump – Call High Point 083 52 52 52 2
• Noisy when Spinning -
o Bra wire stuck between inner drum and outer drum – Stop and remove or Call High Point
o Bearings needs to be replaced – Two ways of checking, swing inner drum with hand or let washing machine run on the spin cycle without anything inside - Call High Point
o Noisy during spinning with a load but if you remove the load (washing) it spins quietly – bearing are fine but inner drum assembly is cracked – call High Point 083 52 52 52 2

Foaming to Much

Possible causes and solutions

• Wrong washing Powder – For twin tubs use High Foaming Powder ( Omo )and for Automatic Washing Machines use only low Foaming Power (Bio-Classic)
• Over Dose – Increase load size

Tip: Fabric Softener will help to reduce foam inside Washing Machine

I hope that you have found some value in above tips and isn’t it nice to know in-case you should need more pointers you can go to High Point Page but we also need you to click on “Like” or even leave me a comment below.

I value Positive Criticism

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