18 June 2018

Tea Biscuit recipe

Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Tea cookies ready to be baked 

Tea biscuits are simple and easy to make, yet they say so much and taste great! Nothing beats the smell of cookies baking in the oven when entering a Kitchen-artist-home.

Following tea cookie recipe are from Lynn's kitchen-studio

Tea Biscuits


500 ml Cake

125 ml Sugar

5 ml Cream of tartar

1 ml  Salt

2.5 ml Biacarbone of soda

15 ml milk

125 ml Butter

1 egg

5 ml vanilla essence

Thousands or sugar for the toppin.
Defy under-counter oven with trays of cookies

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degree chelseas
  2. Mix Cake flour, Cream of tartar, salt, and sugar all together in a bowl
  3. Rub butter into above mixture
  4. Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in milk and add to mixture
  5. Mix egg with vanilla and add it to above
  6. Mix all together to form a dough
    1. Spread and roll-out.
    2. Use cookie cutter or glass to make(shape) cookies
    3. Sprinkel the cookies with thousands or sugar
  7. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes



30 May 2018

Kitchen Artist

Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

 Defy Stove Model DSS445 selector switch

Kitchen-Artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art in the kitchen. They practice the arts by using various tools and substances in a combination to create "taste-art". 
Selector switch burned contacts

The Taste-magic is only a moment - then its Gone

The visual results created by the Everyday-Kitchen-Artists are most of the times beyond words and one can never  truly describe the magic sensation that happen with your taste-buds.
Defy stove selector switch view from the top
We love talking about ovens because this is the place the magic starts. Its an honored to be associating with some of Port Elizabeth's Best "Kitchen-Artists".

17 April 2018

Defy 731 Stove thermo fan

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

The Defy Stove Model 731 is still one of the best Multi-function stove, it is sought after by domestic caterers and weekend chefs alike. The big oven makes big  catering orders a breeze and the weekend chef can created huge succulent roast for their family and friends.

Inside Defy stove oven with Thermo fan cover removed 

The Thermo fan function is a great energy saver while giving magnificent baking results with the heat sources (heating elements) coming on less frequently to produce a even hot air flow in the oven.

Now the reason for this post is tell you more about the Thermo-fan in the oven and quick a way of spotting when fan is busy failing.

  • One of the many great features of the Thermo-oven is that you can bake on all the shelves and the baking result will be consisted. Once you start noticing different shades of brown on the cookies or the potato-bake is a bit sloppy on one-side, then you know the fan are no longer distributing the hot-air effectively and evenly 
  • The oven is getting hot but no air is blowing inside the oven or
  • The fan is blowing but it sounds like a Boeing is taking-off inside the oven 
  • If the oven-door are closing properly and the oven seal are not broken but the baking results aren't up to pare - then it could only be the fan becoming slower and weaker

Defy stove broken thermo fan and neutral wire

Once the temperature start going haywire and the oven is playing up clients also start noticing that their oven doors aren't that hot. Don't worry about this it is just another great feature of the Defy 731 - it has a Air cooled oven door.

The Oven-door has little air-slots in the door that when the hot air starts to rise, it pulls cold air from the bottom though the double oven door glass. This constant flow of  fresh air  movement keep the door cool while keeping the hot-thermo-air inside.

I better stop raving about the Defy 731 stove because you might think I am getting paid for this post but it's just that I love with this simple looking stove with all her hidden features!

There is so much more I can tell you about  this amazing-beautiful-easy-to-operate-oven. Feel free to send me an e-mail and we can chat for hours about oven creations.

Happy Baking!

PS. Disclaimer; We are not receiving any money for this post)

03 April 2018

Drain Pumps

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Drain pumps are used in Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ice-machines and other small domestic appliances to drain water out of appliances
Universal Drain Pump
There are many different types of Drain Pumps but the most common type that is used in Domestic appliances are the Induction motor and Magnetic Type

Induction Pump Motor

The main feature of this motor is that the impeller turns around in 360 degree circles to expel the water. (Impeller is the little blades in a rotating sharft that scoops water in a direction) This type of motor-action is ideal for a very powerful pump to drain water fast.
The negative 
Because this motor only turns in one direction it is so much easier for everyday articles like; hairpins, nails coins and curtain hooks to lodge themselves between the pump-blades. When the pump impeller cannot turn the motor overheats and burnout.

Magnetic Pump

This pump motor drains the laundry water by vibrating the impellers - there is no turning action. Its much harder for something to lodge inside the pump and impeller-blades because of this vibrating-action.
The Negative
The magnetic pump motor has a shorter operating life compare to the induction pump motor.

Signs of a Faulty Drain Pump Motor

  • Water left behind after completig washing cycle
  • Laundry is still wet after spinning
  • Water drain during rinse cycles but once it gets to finale rinse the pump is all heated up and then it does not want to drain.
Quick test;  Drop the outlet/drain-hose flat on the ground if water doesn't run out there is a blockage somewhere in the outlet system

If the water flows out freely then the pump is on the Blink

Hope this information will help you diagnose your appliances, feel free to contact me if you should need more.


27 March 2018

Stove plate and element regulator switch Seibe

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth South Africa

Regulators control the temperature of a oven or stove plate by switching it on and off. This is done by means of a bi-metal strip that makes contact points open and close on set periods.
Seibe energy regulator
Siebel Energy Regulator is an Infinite switch that turns electric stove plates/ elements/ burner on and off. By turning the rotary knob to various setting it controls the temperature of the heating device (stove plates).

How an Infinite Regulator works

Inside the Regulator is a bimetallic strip that heats up when electricity passes through it. After a few seconds the bimetallic strip bends (warped) causing a spring-loaded control to open (cutting the power flow). Once the power is cut the bi-strip starts to cool down then returning to its original position (Shape). When the bimetallic strip is back in its original shape the whole process starts over again.

The abovementioned mechanical actions is done on very petite scale and it cannot handle the heavy current of a stove plate or heating-element. The simmerstat (fancy name for regulator) needs the help of contactor or a more robust spring loaded switch that mirrors the actions of the little guy mention in the first paragraph.

Now who says the little guys has no control?

By turning the knob to its highest setting it will take longer for the little guy (bimetallic strip) to reach "cut-off (bend) and the heating device gets hotter


Mechanical switches/regulators generate a spark (arcing) everytime it make contact or switches on/off which can cause interference on a radio and electronic gadgets. However if this situation should ever occur it is easy-peasy rectified, with the help of suppressors.

Manufacturers use the seibe regulator because its reliable switches at a cheap price. Defy appliances use them in most of their cooking appliances.

Regulator points are closed
Unfortunately like most things these switches also only has a lifespan before the go on the blink. The two main symptoms that will tell you it's your regulator that is faulty;

  1. The range or element stay on all the time and overheat.
  2. The element unit does not turn-on at all.

As you can see from above picture the switch contact points appears to be closed and should let the electric current through to the elements to start heating up. But in this instance there is a slight build-up of carbon fiber (white spot) on right hand side of contacts, and its just enough  to prevents the two points from making contact. This carbon buildup happens because everytime the contact points open and close there's a little spark
Regulator switch in open position

I hope this has given your a better insight to the operation of your cooking equipment. Should you require more information feel free e-mail or leave a comment below.


PS. For more information also see; Energy Regulators  http://highpointappliances.blogspot.co.za/2017/07/energy-regulators.html

12 March 2018

Watch the Magic happening in the drain pipe

Appliance Cleaniness in  South Africa

One of the most common area people forget to clean is behind their washing machine and dishwasher. Most machines are build into a cupboard or undercounter which has minimal ventilation and no sunshine. Ideal conditions for Nasty Bacteria and Odors.

The most cleaning-machines outlet pipe turns into a greasy bacteria infested breeding ground (or pipe), sometimes within 24hrs there is a smell in the air

To eliminate the stinky odors around your dishwasher and washing Machine doesn't have to be an expensive exercise by use-ing dangerous chemicals.

The following cleaning recipe is effective - cheap because you don't have to buy expensive ingredients it's all stuff you are already using in your kitchen.

75g Salt (1/4 cup)

75g Baking powder

250ml Vinegar(1 Cup)

500ml Water

Pour everything into a bowl or spray bottle, shake till salt and baking powder are completely dissolved. One of my senior clients squeeze a complete lemon into the mixed because she likes the smell of lemons.

Once the cleaning is sprayed down the drain pipes

Watch the magic happen in the drain pipe

The antiseptic properties of salt will remove the stickiness in no time and unclog the drains.

Enjoy keeping your love ones healthy


07 March 2018

Defy gas stove oven selector switch

Gas stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

 The Oven selector switch is the biggest reason why electric ovens fail or loose some of their functions
Defy gas stove oven selector switch
 Feel free to contact me if you should need more information.


06 March 2018

Refrigerators Fail by Design

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa
Defy F640 refrigerator rusted gas tubes
New Refrigerators almost give the impression that their mechanical flaw's was done by design. Refrigerator appear super modern with their stainless steel or pastel finishes, the digital and led's lights make one as if feel you have arrived. But sadly most refrigerator manufactures has actually gone backwards in the way their cooling system are build.

Galvanise Tubing

Galvanising is most probably one the best ways to protect steel from the elements. Unfortunately galvanising is not a permanent solution to protecting gas tubes in a refrigerator against rust. Yet most fridge manufacturers choose to use it in the refrigerator manufacturing process.

Manufactures like Defy appliances and Samsung actually build their refrigerators in such a way that the fridge galvanised gas tubes will come into contact with water in some stage of the cooling process. 

Refrigerator rusted gas tubes
As you can see from above picture the manufacture cover the new galvanised gas tubes with black plastic in the hope to delay the deterioration of the rust-effect on the steel tubes. By covering the gas-tubes with plastic it is suppose to prevents water/moisture from coming into contact with the metal moisture.

Unfortunately this coverup is only a short term solution because the plastic cannot handle the temperature variation from the refrigerator gas and starts developing hairline cracks. When moisture enter into these cracks it becomes an ideal area for water and oxygen to do their thing. The plastic prevents the water from evaporating again and also there are sufficient oxygen to start the oxidation process.

Most of the time these defects are so well covered up that the average consumer never realize that they are actually buying bad designed fridges.  The big side-by-side are the worst because most of them has their gas tubes running into the drip-tray to help with water evaporation.

Suggestion; If you are going to purchase a new refrigerator ask the salesman if the refrigerator gas tubes are running into the drip-tray and if it does just walk way.

I hope this has given you some perspective on why Refrigerator fail by Design.


26 February 2018

Dishwasher motor Humming

The Eastern Cape has become one of the most preferred holiday destination in South Africa. Which means that more people are buying holiday homes with appliances that is standing in dormant for the most year. This slumbering periods has all sorts of negative-effects on domestic appliances

Lg Dishwasher Motor
Household appliances are social bodies and they just love been around people. They also at their happiest when you use them - they are meant to be open and closed all day long. 

All they ask in return is a little Tender loving care (TLC). A hot soapy rub will do wonders for their outer and in return they will shine for you.

What about the inner-side of Domestic Appliance?

Most appliances just can't handle the loneliness of been left alone at home for weeks, without someone to use or talk to them. 
Appliances handle these isolation period difficultly. Some fall to pieces and rust away. Other just cracked and start leaking.

Worse some just seize-up. The electric-pump-motors seize up because a little bit of soap residue that was left behind (unknowingly) in the pump
Soap and water are the best supplements you can give your Dishwasher and Washing machine but like most supplements if not taken at the right time it can mess things up.

After the dishwasher/washing machine has drained its water on the last cycle, it always leaves behind some little soapy-water in the hoses. Once the water has evaporated over a period of time - the soap chemical now acts as glue, gluing together the seals onto pulsator shaft. When you want to use the appliance again after many weeks it only humm's.
  • Humming after - The machine takes in water but once it should go over to was cycle nothing happens. The faint humming noise is telling you that the motor is stuck (glued) and cannot turn. Whatever you do do not switch it on again because you could cause the motor to overheat and burnout. 
  •  Humming before - taking in water means it is the drain pump that has gone on the blink. In most cleaing appliances the drain pump is the first part that comes in operation once the machine is switch on.
In both cases call your local professional appliance repairer too service the appliance before any real damage is done.

This now raises another question, "How do one prevent this scenario from occurring"

Unfortunately I do not really have an answer how you can prevent this "glue-ing" from happening but over the years of repairing appliances I have come across many people that does different things to their appliance to prevent storage-damage.

  • Vinegar- pour half a cup of white vinegar in the dishwasher or washing machine after it has done its final rinse
  • Bleach - the hypochlorite in the bleach also acts as a neutralizer for the soap
  • Draining - Putting the drain hose flat on the ground, letting all the water run out
Do you have a better method of preventing 'glueing". Please send us your suggestions

In the meantime enjoy your coastal holiday


16 February 2018

Dirty Defy Tumble dryer filters

Tumble Dryer fluff 
It is very important that a tumble dryers filter gets cleaned after every use, Otherwise it becomes one of the most expensive appliance to use in the home.

If the air vents are covered with fluff, It has the following effects;

> Hot air gets tramped inside the dryer and every component starts to heat up. From the timer control to the main motor just need a couple degree temperature rise to burnout.

> If vents are  blocked the hot air cannot move through the turning drum to dry the laundry. Which means the machine must operate for longer periods of time using more electricity.

Remember to check both filters, the Intake and outlet filter. Most tumble-dryer-users never check the air-intake-vent.

If you should need more information I will catch you on the otherside


PS. Also read; Tumble Dryers is hot but slow to Dry clothes

13 February 2018

Faulty Bake Element symptoms

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth South Africa

Blistered grill element

Stoves and Ovens are Household Appliances that get used daily, when the oven goes faulty it creates chaos in most kitchens. In this post I am going to cover 3 of the most common symptoms of a faulty Bake Element.

Oven Temperature are inconsistent

The oven heats up to the desired temperature (only once) and then the temperature start dropping and in most cases it never comes on again. This phenomenon happens because the thermostat switches the top element on during the preheat phase but switches the top element off once it has reached the desire temperature. The top element will never switch on again during the bake setting - causing the oven to go colder and colder.

Oven pre-heats slowly

Because the bake element doesn't come on and only the top element is heating - it then takes so much longer to preheat the oven cabinet.

No Heat in Oven

When there are no heat during baking setting it could be two things,

  • Bake element is faulty and the oven isn't equipped with two top elements. (One for Grilling and one for pre-heating). In the case of no heat the top element is only a grill element.
  • The thermostat only turns the bake element on during bake setting and not top elements.
As always I hope this post has added some value to your day and should you need information feel free to contact me. 

See you on the otherside

PS;there are more symptoms you can look out for like; is the oven light on or is the digital timer on. these are rare symptoms but I we can chat about them some other time. Also read http://highpointappliances.blogspot.co.za/2016/02/stove-oven-bake-element-explode.html

02 February 2018

Defy Appliances huge price hike

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Companies increase their revenue by increasing the prices of their products. This is normal practice when its done in marker related terms

In Defy's case they are taking a full swing at the little guy

Defy has removed all trade-discounts from their parts without any prior warning or intention acknowledgements. They just said all discounts has been removed tor the small operators but if your are Big they will give you discount.

Its really sad to experience it firsthand that market leader like Defy Appliances can do this to the small people that has support and help build their brand (just to balance their books for the share holders)

In the current economical crisis South Africa is experiencing,  it thats a lot of something to burn bridges or in their case the lack of leadership-brains.

See you on the otherside


25 January 2018

LG dishwasher E1 error Code

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Lg Dishwasher E1 error code

New appliances diagnose themselves and they will inform the appliance-operator when they are not feeling well. Most of the time the codes that is displayed by an appliance aren't error codes, it is more a communication code. I am sure in the near future we will have our appliances actually telling us what they want or need.

The Lg dishwasher displays a E1 code when there is a problem with the pump motors. It could be the main-pump-motor or it could be the drain-pump-motor.

Dishwasher main circulation pump motor

The circulation-pump mostly fails over a period of time. What happens is the seal between electric motor and pump damages. Water from the pump starts leaking onto the motors bearings causing it to rust. Slowly as the bearings deteriorate the Dishwasher becomes more noisier when it's on the wash cycle.

On rare occasions a piece of broken cutlery or bone would get stuck in the motors impeller but like I say very rarely because all dishwashers has got a filter that catches the debris. 

Dishwasher Drain pump motor

Most of the time a Drain-pump don't warn you of their intentions to fail. They just stop draining the water and this normally happens when you have a full dinner setting.

Some drain-pumps just have more etiquette than other because they actually talk to you. For most people who do not understand appliance-lingo it sounds like noise when the dishwasher pump-out its grey-water.

Now you know the reason for the E1 code and you also know that when your LG Dishwasher becomes noisier it is actually a cry for attention.

Should you have any question I will see you on the otherside

23 January 2018

Dark Chocolate

Microwave Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Dark Brown Chocolate


Red food colouring

to the Mixture

Will give

Your Cake 

That Dark Chocolate