21 December 2020

Dirty Appliance Inlet Air Vents

Blocked Appliance Air Vents  Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Block appliance air vents will not only cost you extra on your electricity bill but it will also shorten the life span of your appliance. 
Hence the reason for this post is to make you more aware about the importance of cleaning your appliance's air vents on a regular basis especially the air-vents that is hidden from plain sight.

Blocked Lg Refrigerator bottom inlet vent

Did you know if the temperature of your appliance motor rise with more than 10% there is a good chance that it will fail? The motor needs a constant flow of cool air moving through it 
Most people never clean behind their refrigerators and this is the no one reason why refrigerator fail. 
Must instruction manuals don't tell you the importance of cleaning the air vents at the back of the appliance. Microwaves,  tumble driers, refrigerators all have air vents behind them that should be clean at least once a year. 

A washing machine motor de-fluffing is little bit more involved to get to, but drop me email and I will give you pointers.

Signs of blocked air vent 

• Fridge starts to warmup
• Goodies in freezer has a soft freeze 
• Refrigerator runs for longer periods before switching off.
• The refrigerator starts making strange noises. 

I hope this post has added some value to your time  Feel free to contact me if you need more information. 

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