20 May 2019

Defy oven and hob terminal connection

Oven and Hobb Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

It is common for stove terminal connections to burnout these days with all the load shedding and power outages.

A couple of years ago this phenomenon was unheard of, electric-wire-connector never used to blow.
Times have changed -  Our Monopoly power supplier has become untrustworthy and electric power is consistent. 

Domestic appliances take a serious beating every day with the uncontrolled voltage supply to our homes. 
Things happen while you at work or when you are sleeping. 

Voltages go up and down 

Every time the Alternating current (AC) voltage reaches an extreme curve it causes damage to the appliance electronics and electrical components. (its what we call "electronic rust"). These little "out of control" power fluctuations are not strong enough to blow the appliance there and then, but it is strong enough to leave a ding on the electrical components. Over time these little dings add up to create the same effect as one huge power surge or lightning strick.

Did you know that most appliances like washing machines, dishwasher, microwaves, etc do have surge suppressor build-in? But It is also a good idea to install surge protectors in your homes DV-board which will help for the major power surges. Still, it will not protect your appliances against the small power fluctuations. For the smaller damage causing fluctuations, you are going to need the protection of an inverter.

Uninterruptible Power Supply, will deliver clean steady AC power with little static noise.  The UPS is the cheapest option to protect your appliances.

How does it work? 

Your use your normal household AC electric current, convert it into DC power, run it into a battery, then use the DC power to convert it back into clean steady AC power. 

EASY Peacy!

Don't stress a will tell you more about the whole process in another post. For now, just know there is a better way to protect your All Appliances.