Watch the Magic happening in the drain pipe

Appliance Cleaniness in  South Africa

One of the most common area people forget to clean is behind their washing machine and dishwasher. Most machines are build into a cupboard or undercounter which has minimal ventilation and no sunshine. Ideal conditions for Nasty Bacteria and Odors.

The most cleaning-machines outlet pipe turns into a greasy bacteria infested breeding ground (or pipe), sometimes within 24hrs there is a smell in the air

To eliminate the stinky odors around your dishwasher and washing Machine doesn't have to be an expensive exercise by use-ing dangerous chemicals.

The following cleaning recipe is effective - cheap because you don't have to buy expensive ingredients it's all stuff you are already using in your kitchen.

75g Salt (1/4 cup)

75g Baking powder

250ml Vinegar(1 Cup)

500ml Water

Pour everything into a bowl or spray bottle, shake till salt and baking powder are completely dissolved. One of my senior clients squeeze a complete lemon into the mixed because she likes the smell of lemons.

Once the cleaning is sprayed down the drain pipes

Watch the magic happen in the drain pipe

The antiseptic properties of salt will remove the stickiness in no time and unclog the drains.

Enjoy keeping your love ones healthy