16 February 2018

Dirty Defy Tumble dryer filters

Tumble Dryer fluff 
It is very important that a tumble dryers filter gets cleaned after every use, Otherwise it becomes one of the most expensive appliance to use in the home.

If the air vents are covered with fluff, It has the following effects;

> Hot air gets tramped inside the dryer and every component starts to heat up. From the timer control to the main motor just need a couple degree temperature rise to burnout.

> If vents are  blocked the hot air cannot move through the turning drum to dry the laundry. Which means the machine must operate for longer periods of time using more electricity.

Remember to check both filters, the Intake and outlet filter. Most tumble-dryer-users never check the air-intake-vent.

If you should need more information I will catch you on the otherside


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